The Last House

EXIT Architecture group exhibition at Art Omi, NY, taking a speculative look at designing for the afterlife in all of its potential architectural forms.

Friendly Parasite

An annex hybridizing living and working on two stories which tries to positively influence the lives of the occupants by its nature.


Reinterpreting the atmosphere of an alpine house with a stove combining wood and leather with exposed concrete to a contemporary interior.

The Great World Theater

Exhibition design based on the idea of converting „audio tracks“ from the history of the Salzburg Festival to visual generators of the space.

Concrete Utopia

A series of 20 concrete models with different spatial qualities, ranging from small objects or buildings to urban structures.

Structural Palace

A non-site-specific project exploring the potential of gaining different spatial qualities by means of wooden structures.

City Stories

3D collages based on field studies interweaving and re-editing positive aspects of different cities creating a kind of new urban narrative.